You Got 2,400 Thoughts

March 10, 2020

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Amazingly, the typical human being has 2,400 thoughts per hour. That breaks down to roughly 40 thoughts per minute and adds up to a staggering 38,400 per day (assuming 16 hours awake). That is nearly 269,000 thoughts per week and almost 14 million in a year. 


That is a lot of thinking every single day and over the course of the year. Reflecting on that, what type of thinking are you doing hour to hour and day to day? Think about over the weeks, months, and duration of a year. Hopefully we know by now that our thinking has a strong impact on our mindset and our mindset then controls (quite strongly) our emotions and our actions. This in turn, can have a profound impact on our ability lead others. 


If you think negative, you will tend to end up consumed that way and your actions (or lack of) will tend to show it. Think about all the things that can and do influence your thinking that we are exposed to every hour and every day. We see negative things. We hear negative things such as gossip and lying. We are hurt by others which impacts our feelings and therefore also our thinking. Turning on the news today is a great example. You get a healthy dose of pessimism, fear, and negativity typically, maybe some positivity sprinkled in.  What we see and what we hear has a profound impact on your thinking.


Thankfully, the same process applies for positive influences on our thinking. We wrote previously about the power of positive thinking to be a better leader. If we are exposed to more positivity in what we see, hear, and feel, the bulk of those 2,400 per hour can be more positive in nature. What type of thinking dominates your 2,400? What about your 38,400? How about your 269,000?


The trick is filtering out the negative and learning to block it out. If you can shrug off the negative influences from the outside, you can go a long way towards filtering your thinking more positively. In essence, stop feeding the negative thinking and start finding ways to feed in more positivity. Whether this is through gratitude, scripture, fellowship, family, or even exercise, finding positive inputs and minimizing the negative can begin changing the scoreboard each hour, then by each day, and then each week. Weeks can turn to months and before you know it, positivity will be permeating your thinking. And you can begin spreading that same influence on others around you.


growth mindset to be a better leader

Negative thinking is contagious but so is positivity. Take control of your 2,400 and begin working on your 38,400. Starting there can go a long way to steering the ship in a better direction and become a better change leader. Give it a try.



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