ELEVATE 06: Be Essential to Be Effective

January 25, 2020

essentialism leadershipIf it is not a clear yes, then it’s a clear no. - Greg McKeown, Essentialism

This month, the focus topic book is Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.

Essentialism is a phenomenal book in and of itself, but it is great for you as a change focused leader who is driving improvement efforts, whether it be in work or in your life. Being the core theme for this month’s Elevate program, we unpack the book and look at practical application for us as change leaders. We also then take a look goal setting for the personal element as it meshes nicely with essentialism.

One of the core tenants of Essentialism is separation of the important from the unimportant and finding your highest point personally and professionally for maximum effectiveness. We spend a great deal of our time working on non-essential things and routinely fooled by the illusion of multi-tasking productivity. Essentialism is at its core about focus and being able to say ‘no’ to things don’t match up with our core focus, or what is essential.

The Impact Summary

Essentialism defines a new way of thinking about how to better prioritize what is critical versus the non-critical to become overall more effective. This logic of narrowing down priorities, helps to generate more intense focus and ultimately more productivity as goals are completed faster and with higher quality. The thinking can apply to you personally as well as for organizations and has a strong correlation we feel to strategy deployment thinking, which many organizations should be using to maximize effectiveness perusing top goals. Embracing essentialism thinking can help you become a better improvement leader in life and in your work. 


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