Build Your Perception in the Face of Obstacles

April 18, 2020

perception of obstacles

Our theme this month is overcoming obstacles and the first aspect is how you perceive the obstacle. We all face obstacles whether in life or in our work. Often, they can seem so significant and daunting, we do not know how we could overcome them, and quite often, we may not. We retreat or find another way or take some other escape route. Have you done that?

The fact is obstacles can be a positive thing for us in life and in work because it can challenge us to grow in overcoming them and becoming stronger. But you have to confront the obstacle, have the desire and fortitude to take it on and believe that you can and will. This is the starting point when an obstacle presents itself to us and our perception of the obstacle will shape how we engage with it.

When an obstacle confronts you, do you respond with fear or frustration, maybe even anger? An obstacle is typically something we have not foreseen or planned for, therefore, once it appears it threatens to derail us and throw us off course. Do you view the obstacle this way? If so, learning to change how you perceive it may be a key turning point.

Changing your paradigm of the obstacle can make all the difference, and instead of viewing it as a barrier or problem that will absolutely destroy your plans and throw you into the sea of despair, learn to see it as a potential advantage and something you can leverage to grow or benefit from.

A great example is the current COVID19 crisis that as of April 2020, has been wreaking havoc worldwide in terms of health and economy. A great deal of panic and fear has been induced by this virus, which many have viewed as a significant obstacle in their life and work. In truth, it is a very tough obstacle that is causing and will continue to cause a great deal of impact health wise and economically for many. Many of us are having to work from home, kids are being home schooled, business is impacted, we are sheeting in place. It can seem daunting; it is an obstacle no doubt.

But if you change your viewpoint after some reflection, how could you view this differently and Instead of an insurmountable obstacle, a challenge that be leveraged for some good? How about being able to spend some more time at home with family and loved ones. How about having some more time to work on your goals. How about some more time to work out to improve physically and more time to boost yourself mentally through reading or study. How about more time to connect with God and improve yourself spiritually? Changing your perspective of the situation you were dealt, which none of us asked for, can completely change the game, and help your mindset.

Having a ductile perception, one that can be shaped to the obstacles presented, can help you adapt and face them more effectively. Learn to see the advantages obstacles can present rather than just the challenges or problems alone. See the bigger picture, the path beyond the obstacle and this can help reduce the perceived magnitude of the obstacle. Embrace positivity and see things in a positive, optimistic light rather than a dark and pessimistic view. Your perspective can drive your mindset and your mindset is critical when faced with challenges and tough situations.

Perspective is one piece of the puzzle for overcoming and leveraging obstacles, but it is a critical one. As we continue working the obstacles plan, our focus will move to the next piece which is moving off the mark and taking action.

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