Centered in Crises: Lead from the Core

March 23, 2020

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The time for being centered and leading from the core is now.


In times of crisis or uncertainty, leadership is needed more than ever and as a leader, being centered is key. What is being centered or leading from the core even mean? Just know leading from the core is effective leadership and what is needed during turbulent times and crises.


Being centered means you are internally secured and aligned, you are assured of yourself, but not arrogant. You are driven by your purpose, led by your values, and preoccupied with a mission. You truly care about others, your team or organization, and want to help them succeed, inspired by that vision of servant leadership. Some might call leading form the core, leading from your heart.


When you are centralized and leading from the core, you are confidant, because of your purpose which manifests a passion in you that can naturally inspire others around you. You aren’t out to prove anything to anyone, and you certainly aren’t chasing others or any competition. You’re internally driven and not controlled or influenced by external environments or situations. Some might call this being calm under pressure.


When you lead this way, your team feels it and it inspires them. In times of change and turbulence, this is what is needed. The team wants to feel safe, secure, and a part of something bigger. They seek to be inspired, not just motivated. Motivation can be fleeting as we know, and to use some lean metaphors, you have to push motivation, whereas inspiration pulls people. How do we inspire? Leading from the core with passion is a great place to start, but we know it can’t be through fear. Fear is not inspirational, emotions are. This is where being authentic as a leader is important, and even more critical in times of heavy change or a crisis.


Our emotions are heavily intertwined with our feelings. Teams can feel satisfied to just do enough or get by, they can also be engaged to grow and do a little bit more than needed. But the game changer is being inspired, where that pull creates a deeper meaning and a purpose that will propel people to go above and far beyond. Inspired teams can be significantly more effective and if you have been a part of one, you know it.


Leading from the core or the heart inspires people, but it should be authentic as noted previously. You can't be truly centered when you are not being authentic. You must truly care about others and when you do, you will experience team players happier with their work, more focused, are more loyal, and you will likely have lower turn over. Who doesn’t want that as a leader of their team?


In turbulent times like these, it can be easy to ease up on discipline and leadership, easier to get distracted, easier to be more selfish, but it’s more important than ever to lead from the center, be authentic, and strive for inspirational leadership. People in times like this are searching for this type of leadership and collaboration. Be the leader you need to be for your family and your people to get through challenging times like this and emerge even stronger on the other side.


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