ELEVATE 07: Check The Ego

February 29, 2020

check the ego for better leadership

"Impossible to learn that one thinks they already know." - Epictetus, Greek Stoic Philosopher


This month, the focus topic book is Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday.

Ego is one of the ways you can quickly degrade your leadership effectiveness. We have seen it destroy individuals and teams in business, sports, military, and even families over the course of time. High ego people can be like acid. If you are a lean or change leader, ego can cut you down quickly and make any progress quickly get bogged down.


We focus on the book Ego is the Enemy this month, as it does a great job looking deeply at the topic of ego and how it impacts leadership abilities. For the personal growth topic, we look at ways you can check your ego and build up your humility, which is essential in becoming a true servant leader.

The Impact Summary

Our ego is our biggest challenge. It is our pride that can justify our ego, and our desire for praise, fame, and recognition feeds the ego. But our ego is our hurdle to becoming a better leader. To overcome it, we must act with humility, have a team first approach, adopt a growth oriented, kaizen mindset, and constantly be self-aware with success, which we must strive for but be wary of as it can feed the ego tank as well. We should look for ways to consistently check the ego and build up our humility, so we are at our best when leading.


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