Daily Spark: Are You Building or Just Maintaining Status Quo?

May 01, 2020

get our of your comfort zoneAre you holding the line and just maintaining status quo? Or are you actively trying to create and build. In his book Leadershift, John Maxwell talks about one of the shifts being the move from maintainer to creator. A maintainer is someone okay with status quo, doing the minimum, and as he refers to “oiling the machine”. If you are maintainer, you are okay with comfort zones and actually desire to remain in the comfortable confines of them.

On the other hand, creators or builders as I like to think of them, are looking for what’s next, trying different things, seeking discomfort, and in essence, trying to grow and improve. They seek out change and work to avoid the status quo. In fact, if you are a builder, you don’t like the comfort zone and find it boring.

Which one are you? In reflection, we should be actively trying to become a creator and builder. This is what good leaders want to be practicing and inspiring their teams to think and act accordingly. As Maxwell states, it has to be an intentional shift as we all tend to seek the comfort of what status quo can offer. Are you willing to make that shift towards discomfort and continual improvement and become a creator?



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