Daily Spark: Are You Challenging Yourself Enough?

June 21, 2020

challenging yourselfToday's Daily Spark is about being like a Dodge Challenger...

If you have driven a Challenger before, it is a throw back muscle car with some get up and go. It has some horsepower and good acceleration, definitely the chops to "challenge". In the latest Elevate 10 program, the latest module talks about being a challenger type of leader as we continue to work through what it means to be a multiplier. One of the premises is are you challenging your team enough as a leader and pushing them to strive for and achieve more, but the other side of the equation really in being an effective challenger is are you really pushing yourself. Without setting the high expectations and having that inward drive to set higher goals and crush them, your ability to do the same with your team will be limited.

Michael Jordan is a probably a good example of a challenger type of leader in sports. He pushed his team to strive for and achieve more than even they collectively thought possible, but it started with how competitive Jordan was a person and player, which eventually manifested in his ability to push others and lead as a challenger.

Reflect on your leadership style. Is it one of being a challenger? Remember that it starts with you first, so if you aren't, developing the ability to build an inward drive and motivation is likely a good step in the right direction. Setting some goals and getting on a momentum streak can build your confidence and your expectations, which you can then carry over in leading those around you.

Lead like a Dodge Challenger. Start with you!

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