Daily Spark: Are You trying Too Hard?

April 27, 2020

trying to hard to pleaseWe had a great sermon delivered this weekend and in it, from the Book of John 21, the story of Simon Peter's behavior after seeing a resurrected Jesus again on the beach as him and a group of disciples were fishing. The story and the chapter showed how overzealous Peter was in demonstrating his "love" for the Lord, once h realized it was him, whether it was jumping into the water, swimming to shore, or later dragging a net full of fish up the beach. Peter was there to do whatever it took. He was trying hard, maybe too hard to show his love and devotion. Jesus in this case didn't even really need the fish in the net, - he already was preparing fish on the fire for them. It was a somewhat funny story of someone trying hard to make a great impression. Or in this case, maybe try to atone for past behaviors.

While we all should be showing our best commitment and love in our faith, this story carries another theme in life and maybe work. Are you trying too hard?

Maybe it is in work, in your home life, or in your personal endeavors, sometimes struggles or not getting what you want can be traced back to trying too hard. It seems crazy as we always hear that hard work, dedication, work ethic, and "grinding" should be rewarded and almost praised. Can you actually be trying or working too hard at something?

I think you can. And in doing so, you can often be blinded in seeing it. But you keep working, keep trying, and sometimes just be unhappy with where you or what you get. Maybe you are trying to impress someone in particular, like Peter was. Who are you trying to impress? And why?

Trying too hard can burn you out and ultimately disappoint you because you either likely have expectations and are maybe seeking praise or reward from someone else. None of this may actually come and you will ultimately end up frustrated and unhappy. Ask yourself if you are trying too hard in any given situation or relationship recently. Maybe take a step back and think about a direction change or taking it a bit more easy. You may find a case where someone already has the fish…


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