Daily Spark - Do You Know Your Priorities?

April 23, 2020

your prioritiesWhat are your priorities? This past January in Elevate 06, we talked about the concept of essentialism and how applying it can help you hone in on your most critical few priorities and in doing so, learning to say "no" to other things that aren't aligned with your priorities. As we trudge on through this weird COVID19 twilight zone, this time should be providing ample opportunity for reflection, and hopefully making your priorities clearer. Family and health should be at the top, but what else? If you really are taking this time to reflect and drive some personal growth, these odd times are hopefully helping you gain some clarity on what your priorities truly should be.

If you are not familiar with essentialism, recommend you check out the Elevate 06 edition as well as maybe the book Essentialism. That is probably one of the best books I have read on establishing priorities, with the other being The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. Think about clarifying your priorities because chances are this COVID19 period of time is a sobering buffer to allow us all to do so, and getting that clarity now will help you continue pushing through this as well as provide better direction on the other side. If you don't have your priorities established, you will always be working on the priorities of others and helping to shape their agendas. 

What are you priorities? Priorities matter. Figure out yours and begin focusing more of your attention and energy on them. 

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