Daily Spark: Don’t Let Anger Consume You

May 31, 2020

Anger managementToday’s daily spark is short and sweet. As if enough wasn’t going on we have to as a nation face another challenge in 2020, with another act of senseless violence that opens the wounds of police related violence in this country. And it has unleashed senseless and stupid violence across the country just as we were fighting to overcome the nonsense from COVID19 and get things moving again. What happened to the original victim in all this in Minneapolis, George Floyd, was wrong and the perpetrators should be tried, but that one victim is now turning to many other innocence ones in cities across the country and riots are having to be put down by law enforcement and the National Guard. 

So today, we are focused on anger, because that is what is really propelling a lot of thinking and sadly, action right now across the country. In some respects, anger is worse than a virus like the one that causes COVID19. Angers alters our mindsets and puts blinders on for many that drives irrational thinking. It also festers and spreads to others much like an infection. If I am upset about something and display anger about it around others, they could feel the emotion of anger building about whatever is upsetting them right or wrong. Pretty soon, all of us are angry and because we are thinking irrationally, we end saying things and doing things we may regret later.

Anger doesn’t solve problems, it causes more usually. Anger normally makes things worse because we act out of emotion, harboring negative feelings and seeking revenge. It rarely ends well. We see it now with the violence and destruction going on. Violence in response to violence is usually a zero sum game. Sure, the anger makes it feel right in the moment but it is short lived and leads to more pain and misery later.

In the words of the apostle James from the Bible (James 1), we should be “quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” That takes self control and love. But in the end, that is always the better path over pure anger.

Stay safe and healthy. Choose self control and love over anger. You won’t regret it.

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