Daily Spark: Drop the Victim Mentality

May 24, 2020

being more proactive

"You only get to be a victim once. After that, you are a volunteer." - Naomi Judd 

Are you being proactive enough?

With all the nonsense and hysteria going on around us and still being restricted from our normal routines and lives, it can be really easy to fall into the mindset of being reactive, complaining, and not taking action. It can be really easy to fall into a victim mentality and let things come to you, wait for things to happen.

My friends, this is the mindset we need to work extra hard to avoid in these times and work instead to be more proactive. If you just listen to the news or others and find yourself waiting to do anything, you have ready lost. Instead, think positively and find ways to be more proactive in taking action, not just thinking about things alone.

Some of the country is opening up and that is fantastic - for you the quarantine is beginning to lift and the return to some degree of normalcy if happening. Hopefully you have used the stay at home time to grow and reflect to emerge from all this even stronger. Some of the country remains in various degrees of lock down and for those, we still must find ways to persevere through this and finding ways to be proactive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Brighter days and returns to normal are coming. Ask yourself if you are being proactive in getting prepared for it.

This past week, we covered the subject of how to be more proactive in our latest 4 Point Friday. Would recommend checking it out.

Be blessed with strength, honor, and a kaizen mindset.

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