Daily Spark: Embrace the Detours

June 11, 2020

take a detourHave you ever taken a trip and the planned route for whatever reason was unavailable maybe due to road construction or some other obstacle? Chances are, you found an alternate route or detour to keep moving. Like many of us today, you probably used your phone GPS to keep you dialed into your destination and despite the planned route obstacle, another detour route was taken.

How many times in life do we have to take a detour? We may have a good idea on where we want to go, but often our planned routes or the linear path in our head is not available for various reasons and we end up having to take detours. While it can be frustrating, sometimes those detours are there for a reason. It might feel like we are being taken off track, but if we embrace the GPS mentality of knowing generally where we want to be, there are likely multiple routes to get there. Detours can be okay. God is the ultimate architect of what is going on and detours may happen for a reason. Different paths can lead to the same destination.

It is the same game in continuous improvement and lean journeys. Very rarely will it be a linear path or "road map" as plotted on paper or in your head. There will likely be several detours and at times you will be thrown off track, but staying the course with a GPS mindset will keep you moving. Having a vision of where you want to be ala GPS is key, so even if you encounter obstacles or "closed roads", detours can be found to keep you progressing, just like your personal journey in life.

Embrace these detours. On a trip, detours can lead through some interesting towns or enlightening roads. It can be the same with our personal journeys as well the our improvement ones. A detour can lead you to interact with new people, maybe a new location, and maybe even a new position. They can even help you grow.


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