Daily Spark: Sight Without Vision

April 29, 2020

having no visionHow important is vision to you? If you are a leader whether in work, at home, or in sports, it is a key quality of leadership. Without it, teams can begin to fall apart and become less effective, even team members becoming more individualized. But with it, with it you can be a part of some serious energy and progress.

Even individually, you will likely struggle without having a clear vision of where you want to go or what you want to do. Vision is seeing the house being built and what it will look like which can be inspiring, while not having vision, the individual tasks such as shoveling dirt or nailing a frame can just feel like mundane day to day work. Vision allows you to truly see. And what you see in your minds eye can inspire you and keep you going ideally through passion.

How is your vision, your personal one as well the one for your team or business? Helen Keller, once asked what would be worse to her than being blind, replied, “to have sight without vision.” Think about that. Are you truly seeing?

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