Daily Spark - Take a Step Back for Some Perspective

April 17, 2020

Taking a breakBack with another spark but this one wasn’t easy. Like many been feeling the effects of this COVID situation, having some mental challenges to push through, and keep trying to see the light. We all have down days and have to power through but the mind and the devil are funny and will play tricks on you. In times like this, it is more important than ever to have perspective, have a purpose to drive you through inspiration not just rely on motivation, and you have to stay disciplined as hard as it can be.

Taking a step back is key and that’s what I had to use today to ground and refocus. That step back helps bring some air when it feels like you might be suffocating a little and some light when things look dark or foggy. Usually get this in mornings when training or reading but today, had a down stretch later in day. My step back was taking a break, disconnecting, and going outside for some air and some sun. Then I watched a movie with my wife. That did it for me and while I, like many others I am sure, can’t say I’m 100%, it helped ground me out and at least send me into the evening.

I think we are all ready to get past this virus and move back to normal. It can get to you and like I said, everyday is not going to be great. This perpetual working from home with everyone home can take a toll, harder to disconnect and lines blurred. Taking that step back at the right times and disconnecting can help. Make sure you do it.

In you got some benefit, share it out for us and help someone else. Stay safe, healthy, and dialed in.

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