Daily Spark: The Apathy Traps

June 08, 2020

apathy"The greatest danger to our future is apathy." - Jane Goodall 

Are you consumed in apathy? Apathy is losing interest or enthusiasm, and honestly, with everything that has been going on in recent months, apathy is something that could get to all of us. The problem with apathy is can begin to fester and consume you slowly over time and lead you on a downward spiral to misery.

Apathy is driven by complacency and comfort zones. When we get stressed or dealing with constant noise, our tendency is to seek comfort and complacency, almost as a feeling of stability and security. We retreat to what we know or are comfortable with and soon find ourselves in a comfort bubble. From here is hard to see possibilities, push yourself and grow. This would be one extreme side of the pendulum swing of apathy, as it is a retreat typically.

Another driver of apathy and maybe the other side of the swing is the feeling of inadequacy. Maybe we don’t know how to get started to move off the mark because we lack confidence or don’t know what to do. Times like these can shake confidence, and it can rattle plans leaving you with the feeling of being inadequate or able to move forward with something. Here is where you have to dig deep and pull up in confidence to move forward and trust in your faith and yourself to make things happen, otherwise you won’t move, and apathy can set in.

As third area where apathy can thrive is when we fool ourselves by saying we are invested in other things or “too busy” to do something or make changes or be proactive. It is essentially the bad habit of making excuses to ourselves and those around us. We become apathetic because we lie to ourselves and make excuses on why we can or cannot do something. Maybe because we want to seek comfort or internally, we lack the confidence to move.

The problem with apathy is can make you feel stuck, but a lot of it is in your mind. It is overcoming your mindset that can pull you out of the apparent quicksand of apathy, but maybe there was no quicksand at all you may realize. Do not get stuck mentally with apathy and begin eroding. Push forward and overcome the mental barriers we described above. The best investment you can make is not just monetary, but it is investing in yourself. Don’t sit on the sidelines but constantly ask yourself what God wants and needs you to do. Then go that way!

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