Daily Spark - Your Emotional Scorecard

April 14, 2020

Emotional intelligenceThese times create the need for additional emotional capacity, as most people are going through a range of emotions each day. It can feel like a roller coaster. We all have an emotional scorecard and how is yours looking? If like most, it probably has some red and misses on it for sure. Very few would be all green and good to go. If it is, you may be missing the gravity of things. The emotions can range form fear to anger to disappointment to maybe even some feelings of depression. Unfortunately, if we don’t have strong enough emotional capacity, this would drive us to maybe how we act towards those around us or our family.

 There is some optimism as this virus is helpfully peaking now in the US and other areas of the world. We don’t know the full impact yet but for sure there will be economic and social impacts as there are government issues and oversteps that once this passes, will need to be addressed. In this stressful season, being self-aware of our emotional capacity and where we sit on our scorecard is important. It is a actually a good time to work on building this emotional resilience. Being self-aware is a key first step, and understanding where you are at emotionally so you can be proactive in regulating it. 

Practice the daily reset. Had a rough day today? Don’t let it carry into tomorrow - reset the scorecard for the next day and try to do better. Learn from missteps and work to do better. As we said, now is a great time to work on building more resilience. The feeling of helplessness may feed into negative emotions, but focus on what you do have control of and what you CAN do rather than what you can’t. This will help ease your mind and your emotions. 

Work on it. Appreciate this time given to improve yourself. Stay positive and be more self-aware day a to day. You and those around you will appreciate it and you will be even sharper with it as we get back to normal routines. 

Stay healthy, stay blessed!

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