Daily Spark: Focus on Achieving Personal Growth

May 09, 2020

“Changing your internal world is how you change your external reality.” - Summer Mcstravik

Achieving personal growthAre you growing yourself from the inside out? Our personal growth has few limits but our external growth can have constraints and limits. Growing our self from the inside out can certainly make a difference in what we can accomplish as far as external goals and growth. Achieving personal growth should be our first and foremost focus.

But many of us get it twisted. We try so hard to accomplish things externally that we neglect our own internal growth and development. This makes us weaker and less effective over time. And then, when you aren’t making those external accomplishments or crushing goals, you get frustrated and off track.

We talk a lot on this site and in our communities about personal grow and development because we believe it is the key to success, especially as a leader driving change who may have some challenging external goals. If you are not taking care of yourself, like a candle burning at both ends, you going to pay the price for it sooner or later.

Changing our perspective and focusing on the internal growth and development first, we can be far more effective growing outward. 

Reflection for today. Give it a try. If you got some benefit, share it out for us. Be blessed and stay healthy.

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