ELEVATE 09: Facing and Leveraging Obstacles

April 25, 2020

facing obstaclesIn this learning plan, the theme is Facing Obstacles and Perseverance, where we study from the book The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday and develop a program that will help you reflect as well as think about obstacles and challenges a bit differently to grow in facing them and leverage them for your advantage. 

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0: Introduction

Elevate 09 Introduction

Week 1: Perception is the Key 

1.1 Reflection

1.2 Learning Plan

Week 2: Action Overcomes

2.1 Reflection

2.2 Learning Plan

Week 3: Will Power and Faith Carry the Day

3.1 Reflection

3.2 Learning Plan

Week 4: Perseverance is the Difference Maker

4.1 Reflection

4.2 Learning Plan


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