4 Point Friday: Self-Management

January 17, 2020

learn self managementSelf-management is perhaps one of the most fundamental elements of emotional intelligence, as you will likely not be effective in the other areas nor with others around you if you are not effective in managing yourself. While self-awareness is being in tune and understanding yourself, self-management is your ability to manage or control your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which in turn drives your ability to manage your emotions. To truly “master” yourself, you have to be self-aware but also able to manage yourself. This includes being able to manage aspects such as your time, stress, being organized, and being able to process and navigate problems, including adaptability.

The bottom line remains as we have said in past posts is that high emotional intelligence is a leading indicator of strong leadership performance, and self-management is a key foundation for that. This Four Point Friday take a deeper look at self-management and how you can leverage it to improve you overall EI and leadership capabilities.


1. Interesting article to read…

Self-management is an important and foundational aspect for emotional intelligence. However, what is it really and WHY is it important? This article does a good job of explaining what it is and why it is important for yourself and your career. What is Self-Management and Why Is It Important?


2. Interesting quote to ponder…

Self-management IS about becoming more effective in managing yourself. This quote from Dr Jagyasi really highlights this and the various aspects of it.

“Self-management, therefore, is all about becoming your own leader by training your mental, physical, social and intellectual faculties in different ways.”

– Dr Prem Jagyasi


3. Tools to Help…

Knowing about self-management is half the battle but understanding ways to improve it is just as critical. This post below points out in a structured manner 6 skills to focus on to improve your self-management and some good advice to pursue mastering yourself. How to Improve Your Self-Management: 6 Skills to Focus On

4. The Other… Leadership Reflection on Self-Management.

Curious to know where you stand on self-management? This quiz from workingresources.com below can provide some perspective, and it also brings in time management, which is a core component of self-management. Take the quiz and see where you land today. Time / Self-Management Test

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