ELEVATE 08: In the End, People Do Matter

March 28, 2020

"Everybody Matters is about what happens when ordinary people throw away long-accepted management practices and start operating from their deepest sense of right, with a sense of profound responsibility for the lives entrusted to them." - Bob Chapman, Everybody Matters


we build peopleIf you are a lean or change leader, you must know that people matter. To get any meaningful degree of buy in and sustainability, you must build a culture of embracing improvement thinking and action. It begins and ends with people. Culture and people are inseparable to us. When we refer to culture, we always include people since they are the building blocks of culture in our opinion. Without a strong culture, you will not have any degree of sustainability and most gains will be short term at best.  You need people, you need engagement and you get it by building your culture – together.


Bob Chapman and his company Barry-Wehmiller have figured that piece out and have been focused on their people for some time. Their approach to “truly human leadership” emphasizes people and culture first, and then everything else second. With that approach, you build an engaged and empowered workforce who will in turn build your business. That is why we chose the book, “Everybody Matters” as the focus book this month, as the main theme throughout is people. As a lean leader, you need to work with and build up people. They will be your engine to drive continuous improvement.


There is no better time than ever before to cover this topic. As this is developed the world is going through the COVID-19 crisis, businesses and people are confused and scared. A recession is real, and people’s jobs are at risk. Now is the time for better leadership and the time for continuous improvement. For the personal section this month, we talk about gratitude and how to develop it. Gratitude is very helpful when working with others and for being a more centered leader overall. 

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