4 Point Friday: Trust for Better Teamwork

February 28, 2020

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team trust

This 4 Point Friday kicks off a series of topics, starting with Trust, that will follow the themes of The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. Each edition over the next several weeks will focus on one of the 5 dysfunctions beginning with what may be the most foundational, trust.


Trust is likely the most critical aspect of building relationships and teams. If you are a leader trying to build a team or a culture, you have to know the importance of trust. Patrick Lencioni wrote about it in The 5 Dysfunctions book, and noted that the absence of trust is one of the primary dysfunctions. Without it, you have no feeling of safety among the team or organization, and ultimately you will not make much positive progress.


There are various ways to break down trust and we wrote specifically about a few in this article, called "So, Who Packed My Chute?". This 4 Point Friday focuses on trust and looks at how critical it is for strong leadership and teams, as well as ways to assess and improve it.

1. Interesting article to read…

This article from Entrpreneur.com points out the struggles of effective leadership in the absence of trust, and highlights some key strategies for improving trust.

Trust and Effective Leadership

2. Interesting quote to ponder…

This quote from Dhar Mann captures the essence of what we talked about in the article, So Who Packed My Chute. The basics are trust takes a long time build, seconds to break based on decisions we make, and can take a long time to rebuild, if possible at all.


“Trust Takes Years To Build, Seconds To Break And Forever To Repair” – Dhar Mann


3. Tools to Help… Improving Trust

Jon Gordon - positive leadership - talks about the importance of trust in his book, Soup. Below is a post that walks through 11 keys to improving and maintaining trust.


11 Keys to Improving Trust


4. The Other… How trustworthy are you?

Ken Blanchard wrote a good book on trust called Trust Works! Four Keys to Building Lasting Relationships. Below is a quiz that is based around the book discussion and main concepts regarding your trustworthiness.


Quiz - How Trustworthy Are You?


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