4 Point Friday: Accountability

January 17, 2020

How to be a leaderIf leadership is the most important factor, accountability is essential to make things happen. Webster’s defines accountability as the fact or condition of being accountable, taking responsibility. It’s easy to be accountable when things are going well or when winning. It’s hard to do the same when things are not going well or when you made a mistake. Taking ownership of mistakes or subpar performance is the mark of good leadership. And it is not just your mistake or performance you need to be accountable for, but that of your team as well. That’s right, great leaders take ownership for the actions, good or bad, of their teams. This includes owning the bad, but also not taking the credit for the good. The team should get the nod for the good performance, not the leader only. But if things do go sideways, the leader should take the ownership, even if they did not have a direct hand in the execution.

1. Interesting article to read…

Four reasons accountability is a key component of lean management.

2. Interesting quote to ponder…

“You can’t talk about leadership without talking about responsibility and accountability… You can’t separate the two. A leader must delegate responsibility and provide the freedom to make decisions, and then be held accountable for the results.” – Buck Rodgers


3. Process and Tool Review – Daily Accountability Process

The Daily Accountability Process is a key element in any lean management system along with leader standard work and visual controls, which when all executed correctly in concert drives leadership discipline. Learn and reflect more about the Daily Accountability Process.

4. The Other… Leadership Reflection.

Caught up in the daily grind? Take a step back and learn to assess and reflect with this self-assessment exercise.

 be a more accountable leader

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