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Burning out or losing passion is no fun. Getting passed over or losing isn't either.

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Our Vision

To ignite and positively impact the lives of 20,000 change leaders in industry. 


Our Mission

Propel personal and professional growth by providing inspiration, learning, focus, and accountability.

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Why Us? What Can We Offer?

 This is what we do and who we are! Let us help you and your team with our unique approach!


1.  Many sites out there have a lot of "stuff" on them - information overload is real.

checkmarkWe have “stuff” too but it’s focused and we keep it live, fresh, and relevant. 

checkmarkWe interact with members and keep things practical and real. We support our members!


2.  Content produced FOR manufacturing leaders BY actual manufacturing practitioners.

checkmarkNo B.S. or fluff here - we have been in your shoes.

checkmarkWe focus on all leaders in manufacturing, although our community can help those in various industries.

checkmarkApplication oriented content backed by experience, facts and data - streamlined and delivered.


3.  We keep it real and authentic - maybe even a little hard hitting at times.

checkmarkWe are who we are and you get it real and unfiltered - likely what you need to inspire and drive you.

checkmarkWe aim to push you outside of comfort zones to grow both personally and professionally.


4.  This is who we are and what we do. 

checkmarkNo academics or drones with fluff - real practitioners to accelerate your growth as a leader driving change.

checkmarkWe have almost a quarter century of experience and have been practicing in multiple industries worldwide. 


5.  We offer cutting edge content.

checkmarkFresh blogs, Daily Spark, and targeted articles across various topics including self-development. 

checkmarkELEVATE monthly development program. 

checkmarkESSENTIALS - science and theory from journals - filtered for your learning and application

checkmarkAccess for coaching and support — we are here for members for accountability to achieve your goals.



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